Brexit and the future of Compliance Standards for Gates and Barriers


The situation for the future of the BSI and CEN has now been resolved and essentially nothing will change.
The BSI announcement in full is here:

Special Announcement_ Brexit UK membership of CEN and CENELEC

The BSI will continue to produce the standards and remains part of the EC standards organisations and these will continue to be the framework for safety compliance in the UK.

There are, in addition, revised versions of most BS EN Standards but more than one has not been ‘harmonised’ to the Machinery Regulations effectively meaning it cannot be viewed as a legal requirement. However, the ‘catch all’ remains in that any installation must be safe to use in accordance with the original Health and Safety at Work Act and a Risk Assessment undertaken.

The DHF has produced a draft guidance:  Revised versions of EN12453-EN12604 that provides a framework for compliance unless or until the standards become harmonised. It should be noted that this now applies to manually operated doors; pedestrian gates and manual swing gates of all types which is unlikely to have been considered by many small fabricators/installers.

From 1st January 2019 gates must not be capable of dropping more than 300 mm in hinge failure which will probably mean an inspection routine should be adopted for swing gates/doors that are not powered in any way and three hinges instead of two OR some means of preventing potential injuries from hinge failure.